Base Plates / Tie Plates

We have experience in supplying various types of base plates / tie plates and having our in-house rolling mill provides us better quality control over the finished product.

Some examples of base plates / tie plates we can supply are:

  • Base Plate 2A/2B
  • Base Plate 80BSR
  • Base Plate 80BSA
  • Double Ribbed Base Plate (Rippenplatten, Rph1, Rph6, Rph 11, Rph, 13, Rpo 5)
  • Double Shoulder Tie Plate
  • Single Shoulder Tie Plate
  • Hey-Back Type Base Plate
  • Welded Base Plate

In addition to the above, we can manufacture any type of base plates as per AREMA, UIC, BS, AS and other standards.